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  1. I would suggest speaking to Dr. Morgan Hoke at Penn about her work. She's primarily a biological anthropologist but Penn hired her specifically because the brings the two subfields together. She'll likely have a good idea as to who else to talk to if your interests don't line up with hers.
  2. Finally got word on Thursday of last week (Aug. 27).
  3. If anyone is checking this like me, please post when you have some info about this round of decisions.
  4. Congrats! I would say to first contact whoever your potential adviser is (outside of the MAPSS program) if you have a good relationship and start by asking them. If that doesn't work, then I would say you should write the program director, and CC whoever the program administrator is right now. Good luck!
  5. For anyone searching for this kind of information (this year or in future years), I just heard I was put through to the second round today.
  6. I know that in my case, it was much better to have a faculty member that wanted you there and was willing to contact the MAPSS director to ask for the best offer possible. My understanding was that a lot of students in my cohort (2015-2016) were offered 1/3 tuition waivers and that many of them negotiated to get to 2/3 waivers. Some were offered 2/3 waivers out of the gate. But I really can't speak to numbers. Funding in a program like that is a bit taboo for people that don't want to flaunt (or expose) their offers and make the scene more competitive. I can only speak really for close friends
  7. I received a full tuition waver and I know at least one other student in my cohort did, as well. When I received it, they indicated that 4-5 people get them each year and that perhaps each department can essentially ask for one, respectively. That was all very unofficial and I heard it through my PI at the time who is no longer there.
  8. It's generally considered unethical for PIs to review application materials. I wouldn't ask, but you could probably ask if they would allow you to discuss how you hope to lay it out or what you will discuss within it. Chatting with folks over skype or whatever is pretty crucial. Odds are that there will be a great deal of qualified applicants and normally faculty go to bat for those that they have confidence they'll like working with. So it would be ok to ask a PI or other faculty to chat to discuss your fit in the program, both academically and personally.
  9. I've heard on the grapevine that they were exponentially behind on things because of the shutdown. That they're not 6 weeks behind on apps, but potentially closer to 10 or 12. But that was very anecdotal, and also surely dependent upon the subdiscipline you applied to. I applied to Cultural, and haven't heard anything specifically about them, but what I did hear was coming from the Bioanth side. Take it with a grain of salt, and perhaps they're really putting in the work to get back on schedule, but I'm not counting on hearing for another couple of months (unless its an early cut).
  10. Re: John Jackson-- He's now the Dean of the Annenburg School for Communication, so he does not seem to be very available as a primary adviser, though he is on a few peoples' committees in Anthro. And he may be more involved in Communications, now that he's pretty much over there exclusively. However, in anthro, I'd suggest getting in touch with Deb Thomas (incidentally, his wife and a an absolute powerhouse academic herself) who has just started the Center for Experimental Ethnography, which has a bit of an emphasis at this point on multi-modal ethnography (esp. film) but she is hopi
  11. Just so folks know, Penn anthro is making their decision as we speak. They'll be finalized and sent to the Dean today. The Dean is expected to approve those decisions by mid-week next week. I have really no info about how the wait-list is generated or whether they let wait-listed people know at the same time, but if you haven't heard from your primary contact at Penn by the end of next week, touch base with them. They'll likely have some insight for you one way or the other.
  12. @pmcol and @bonesandbakes, Penn doesn't require formal interviews, but usually does them when they need someone to be interested in something like a secondary adviser role (like someone that would be interested in advising the studying if the primary faculty member left) or when they're bringing people in off their informal wait-list. Not getting an interview doesn't mean much at this point, but I believe the department had the goal to make initial offers in the first week of February.
  13. @pyramidstuds, it's easy to understand your anxiety, but in my experience that is not really a factor at all. I'd say nearly half of the students in my program have degrees in things other than anthropology--from English to Biology and Economics to Pre-Med. The type of degree you have (especially graduate degree) shouldn't significantly negatively affect your chances, in my opinion. It does--as all things do on this forum--depend on the program, but if faculty do what you do, or at least have peripheral interests in what you do, then you should be good. What might affect you more is whether or
  14. If anyone would like some insight from someone who had a bit more of a positive experience in MAPSS, feel free to PM me. Or check out some of my past posts on my profile. I'm now working on a PhD at a "top-tier" institution and definitely think MAPSS helped. Not to say KuroNeko didn't also mention positive aspects, just have seen a few significantly negative posts that (while justified) don't always correspond to the experiences of the wide variety of MAPSS-ers.
  15. For me, it was important to just highlight that I found my passion late in undergrad. It was fairly clear that this was the case when looking at my BA GPA and my MA GPA, so to just spell it out like that was fairly important.
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