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  1. Hello all, I'm hoping for some advice from fellow grad students/to-be grad students. My intentions this year were to go into an MA program in sociology, with hopes of getting into a PhD program the following year. (Long story short, I want a MA in one field, PhD in another, this is why I chose this route, among other reasons.) I got into MAPSS at UChicago and was very excited to go. However, I was very apprehensive about taking out such large loans in the first place (I only received a partial scholarship). I was hoping the experience, opportunities, and networking I would gain there would make it worth the debt. Now, due to coronavirus, classes will be offered via a mix of online and in-person instruction. In-person seats sound very limited, and I won't really know until a week or two before classes begin if I'll manage to get an in-person class or not. (I also do not like online classes and just don't feel I learn very well in them. I learn best when I can feel really engaged with my instructor and classmates face-to-face.) I also have a feeling that as universities return to campus, outbreaks will be inevitable and will result in campuses closing and going fully online again. With all these uncertainties, in general and specifically related to classes/classwork, on top of the fact I just don't feel like I will gain the same experiences/connections that I would have during a normal year, I just don't know if I can justify taking out such a huge chunk of loans right now. Currently I'm in a very lucky position. I work for a university and can take classes to keep myself in the habit of school work over the next year, should I take an additional gap year. I could also use the free classes I'm allowed as an employee to add some relevant certifications to my resume. I'm hopeful that if I decide to withdraw from MAPSS I can take advantage of some resources at work, and attempt to improve my overall application, GRE scores, etc. over the next year. I'm also considering just applying directly to PhD programs next time (hopefully fully funded programs). I feel like a failure if I postpone going to grad school for another year, but I'm very scared of taking on such debt. Especially knowing that the future of the economy in the US looks so gloomy, and that I'll probably be deferring payments for 4-7 years while I work on a PhD anyway. Basically, does anyone have any thoughts/recommendations/advice? If I have a stable environment to take another gap year and continue to improve my applications, is it a bad idea? Is taking a second gap year after grad school going to hurt me? I'm so very conflicted right now, because I was so excited for this program, but now I'm not sure. I worry that if I don't go, I'll regret it, but if I do go, that I'll regret it. TIA.
  2. Me too! Have you accepted yet? We have to accept by Friday night... But didn't they say if they go online, we can back out of going?
  3. I will say, I tried getting research-related jobs during my gap year, and despite having good experience (conducted an independent research study during undergrad in which I collected original quantitative data on my own, presented my findings at an academic conference, and am currently working towards publication) I couldn't get anyone to even give me a chance (no calls, emails, or interviews)..That was very depressing and the job I have now isn't bad, but it's not really related to what I want to do.
  4. Hello! I don't have much advice to offer. But I'm kind of in the same boat. I want to go for my PhD ultimately, but didn't apply right out of undergrad because I'm not sure which of the two fields I studied in undergrad would be more appropriate for my long term goals when it comes to PhD programs. Instead I took a gap year and applied to MAPSS because I thought this would give me additional training, plus a chance to take some more classes to determine which path I want to take (I'm actually becoming more interested in switching to social psychology, as well, despite being in sociology and anthropology as an undergrad.) I'm a bit apprehensive, because of the loans I would need to take out. I am also nervous because there seems to be a lot of negativity about MAPSS online and I'm not sure if that is to be believed or not...
  5. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten it together and applied to 10 or more PhD programs this cycle and been more intent on it. (aka, I would have gotten my sh*t together sooner)....I also hate the idea of taking out a lot of loans for the MA I got into, but with everything going on right now, I think it may be worth it. I'm hoping that if I can get an MA it will help improve my application for the next round of PhD applications. And if I don't get into a PhD program next cycle, I'm hoping the MA can help me get a more relevant job, hopefully some sort of research job, until I can fight my way into a PhD program...idk. This is all so stressful.
  6. I'm very nervous how things will play out now. Just before things started getting really bad I submitted a petition to have my funding increased, and I haven't heard back yet. I'm afraid with everything going on they may not increase my funding at all, or it may be a while yet before I hear back. I'm definitely regretting a lot of things right now and am worried about every little detail in my emails I sent. The longer it takes the more I over-analyze everything 😭 I'm also afraid how this will affect PhD applications next year or the following year, as I'm only going for a MA right now.
  7. I only applied to the MAPSS with a Soc concentration, but I just got my acceptance letter on the website!
  8. I got accepted!!! I only received 1/3 tuition...I'm not sure who to contact to try and negotiate it and when I should begin trying to do that...
  9. Hi! I actually applied for the MAPSS with a concentration in Sociology for this coming fall. I'm super nervous because I'm thinking we should hear back today or tomorrow. So, I can't answer your questions, but was curious if you did end up applying and if you've heard anything yet!
  10. I would like to, but am in the same boat of not knowing who to ask. Also, with how many applications they received, I'm not sure if any of them will be able to give any feed back and I'll just look silly for asking.
  11. Thank you! I really appreciate this information. These next two weeks of waiting are going to kill me.
  12. Hopefully you will get better news from somewhere else soon!
  13. I was just rejected from my fourth and final PhD application so I feel ya. 😅
  14. Do you possibly know approximately how many individuals receive at least 2/3 tuition? I was a direct applicant to MAPSS with a concentration in sociology this year for Fall 2020. I am currently waiting on my admission decision, but am incredibly nervous about funding. I really would love to go here if I'm accepted, but I'm not sure I can swing it without full or at least 2/3 tuition being funded, so I want to be prepared. Also, are you aware if people can/have successfully negotiated better funding?
  15. I'm just ready to get this last decision over with !! UGH
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