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  1. Oh wow that late? I agree! I'm also curious as to how many people are on the waitlist. They did say they usually cycle through the list for their final cohort but I was hoping people would start turning down the offers and some of us would hear good news by now.
  2. Has anyone waitlisted for funding from Rutgers heard back?
  3. I randomly got an acceptance letter today from UIC and I couldn't be more pleased! Considering they sent their first round of acceptances back in January, I assumed it was a lost cause. Plenty of people on here have said "don't give up hope" or "there's still hope" and, I must admit, I bitterly thought: "not for me." But here I am! Two acceptances so far to programs that feel so right. I am very happy! Here's to hoping for more good news. Congrats to those who have gotten in and good luck to those still waiting to hear.
  4. Haha maybe I should have said empathetic instead of nice? They used personal language, gave me a sense of how many people applied for how many seats and (I felt) just humanized the process a little. The others I got were generic and curt. The Stanford one is below: "I am very sorry to inform you that the Admissions Committee has not accepted your application to the Stanford doctoral program in Sociology. We had an especially large applicant pool of hundreds of students competing for only 6 spaces in our program. As you can imagine, this made our selection process extremely difficult, forcing us to turn down many outstanding candidates. We apologize that, given the large number of applications, we are not in a position to provide individual feedback to those we are unable to accept. We very much appreciate your interest in Stanford and wish you all the best for the future."
  5. Welp there's that Stanford decision! Rejection for me sadly, but I will say the nicest rejection letter so far!
  6. HAHA wait actually though!! Thanks for the much needed levity ❤️
  7. Same as all the other Rutgers folks! I got the email saying I was admitted but on the waitlist for funding. My interview was with the Graduate Program Director and he said every year they have guaranteed departmental funding for four students. Typically they receive additional institutional funding for 2-3 more slots making the cohort size a small 6-7 people. I wonder if the four sports for students have received admits or if we are all waiting until they know the full amount of students they can fund? Either way congrats to everyone else!
  8. I had an interview with Rutgers and they told me we should be hearing back this Friday the 31st or early next week. Mine was also super informal and conversational. I wonder what they are trying to get out of the interview. He was more telling me about the program and answering any questions I had than interviewing me. How about you?
  9. I spoke with a POI from Irvine and it was a super friendly, calm conversation. We talked a lot about ourselves outside of academia, what I am specifically looking for in a program, what the culture is like and he gave me recommended reading for my current thesis. It felt like we were both interviewing each other through casual conversation. Major questions I was asked: what are you interested in studying/researching, why are you interested in that topic and why Irvine? At the end he said he would be recommending me for admission but I am not sure what that means in terms of getting accepted or not. Don't be nervous- be yourself! Good luck!!
  10. I am feeling all of this stress so hard. I applied to twelve schools because that's all I could afford after working two jobs during my Master's. The whole process has been such a drain. I did get an interview message from Rutgers today which was very surprising! I was under the impression that most programs did not conduct interviews. I am hoping for more positive news in the coming weeks.
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