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  1. The last school I am waiting for is Princeton.
  2. Hope this is the case. And good luck to you!!!
  3. Has anyone applied to UPenn and still did not see a decision letter on the website? Feel like all decisions are out according to the board, but I haven’t received a final letter or email.
  4. Hi, I received an email from DGS on Feb 7 saying I was “one of a small number of students we have placed on a wait-list for acceptance...we want a cohort of around five students”. Though I’m not sure, my guess is that they have sent out offers and now waiting for the students’ decisions. But given that they also sent out a lot of rejections according to the board, those who haven’t heard anything may also be on the waitlist as well. So good luck!
  5. Have you tried "Retrieve Password"? The system also kept showing that my password is incorrect while I put the correct one until I tried retrieving my password and input the notified password by system email. (Although there are no decisions for me).
  6. I applied, though I found this program very accidentally and think it's a very nice one. No feedbacks yet. I am also wondering how many applied, and if a smaller pool of applicants might increase the probability of admission.
  7. I guess it's different rounds of review? Applicants may submit their recommendation letter later than the specified ddl, and I guess ad com reviews applicants with later LOR slightly later. Late LOR occurs to me, so I also hope this is the case in reality.
  8. Hi all, I am applying for a sociology PhD somewhere in North America, and have been revising my SoP for some time. My main interest is in social stratification especially in occupation and employment market; and gender inequality in employment. I read several posts suggesting that I need to write more about my research interest and future plans in the SoP, so I focus heavily on them in this version. I am not sure if they are clear enough, and if I should introduce more on my hard skills or research assistance work that I have done. I am posting the SoP for Princeton which I tailored for some professors there. I would appreciate it very much if you can give me any advice on it. My background: Undergraduate Institution: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - China Studies and Waseda University - Economics (double degree) Two conference papers, one book chapter in Chinese but not so relevant to my proposed research area. Three research assistance work (two for sosc professors, one for an econ prof in Harvard). One short teaching assistance experience. GRE: 163+170+4.5(expected) Hard skills and prize: pretty proficient in econometrics and their implementation in R and Stata. Proficient in Python pandas and geopandas. Have an award in a machine-learning based data science competition. I did not mention them in my SoP at all, but my recommendation letter and CV will cover a lot of them. Thank you. Statement of Purpose_Princeton.docx
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