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  1. Oh yes, I did check my status last night and found it to be 'ready for review'. so stupid of me not to have thought about it earlier. Did your status change?
  2. Hi! I applied there too and I wonder if your status has changed because mine hasn't- says 'submitted' and has stayed the same. I'm getting so anxious.
  3. Hi! Thanks so much for the response. It is certainly helpful. Yeah, I will contact other PhD students as well.
  4. Hi! I am looking to apply for PhD program at the York university in Canada. I have two Masters in International Development, the recent one from UK and have over 5 years of experience in my field. I could find only one professor whose interest is closer to my own at York and she also seems positive about my topic. However, the professor happens to be in the department of Social Work, on which I have little idea and I am unsure if a PhD in Social Work would be the right choice for me at this point. I would prefer academia after graduation but as we all know competition is very tough so I am also open to industry opportunities especially research. I would appreciate advice from someone with Social Work experience especially those who have transitioned into PhD Social Work from another interdisciplinary field. How hard is it to cover theory and concepts? Is it better, say career-wise, than ID, Political Science or Sociology? What are your thoughts on the career prospects ahead for someone who comes from a different field? Your thoughts on York university is welcome as well. Many thanks.
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