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  1. Throughout my life I’ve ended up attending universities in the most expensive global cities...here’s to being poor for another 6 years aha! Congratulations and good luck with everything!
  2. Ah Okay so it's not completely weird for this to happen then aha! Still haven't received an email but have checked on the portal and there is now an official offer letter from the Dean of Graduate Admissions available. Ah yes my mother also said that if they don't admit they should still give me the money, ah if only that could be the way! Although the fellowship was really really low though which surprised me (it shouldn't surprise me as its a public university) and it actually had a shortfall to meet visa requirements.
  3. Weirdly I haven’t had an email about acceptance to the Sociology program at UC Riverside (in fact haven’t heard at all from them since applying) but have just received a funding offer from them, doesn’t say anything about acceptance just “here’s the money” which I found a bit weird. I’m presuming I’ve been accepted then though?
  4. Sending good vibes and crossing my fingers you hear back soon! It's so exhausting waiting when you want something so much! All the best
  5. 0102030405

    Irvine, CA

    I have experience staying in graduate housing at UCI (not a student but my partner is) and I would say it’s definitely worth it and the graduate housing definitely doesn’t feel like a dorm. More of a planned neighbourhood apartment style kind of thing. There’s a Target, Trader Joes and Albertsons between a 5-15 minute walk depending on what housing lot you’re on. The former two are quite small but the Albertsons is decent (I’m not from the US so honestly can’t say comparably whether it’s big or small). Other supermarkets like Whole Foods or Costco will require a car(pool) or an Uber. I believe there are cars to rent on campus for when you need them for short/medium journeys.
  6. Out of interest how many programs are people still waiting to hear back from? I’ve still for three to go. One of them I have presumably been ‘unofficially waitlisted’ from and the other two no clue!
  7. I don’t know for sure and I don’t think I’ll be asking for feedback but I think how I’d go about it personally is either email the program coordinator or the POI if I had a good relationship with the latter or had an established email chain with them. You haven’t got a lot to lose and as long as you’re polite you won’t look silly!
  8. I'm all up for being more talkative! I just didn't want to be annoying and overload the thread aha
  9. Has anybody else heard from UC Irvine Public Health? Would really appreciate talking to anybody that’s considering attending.
  10. I hope so! I had a bad experience during my undergrad socially that got much better during my masters but I’m still worried it might happen again. I’m currently torn between two programs, one which doesn’t have a visit day so I can’t gauge how sociable it is, but my gut is that it isn’t as the number of PhD students seem really small and slightly older (late 20s/30s) aka people with lives. Unfortunately career wise I think this would be the best fit for me but the social side is really getting me down about it.
  11. I agree with what everybody’s mentioned they’re all on my list! I especially think making connections with other prospective students is really important and something related to this that I am definitely asking grad students there is what the social life is like. As in are cohorts/cross-cohorts usually quite close/sociable outside of academic hours etc? For me I’ll be moving a continent away and five years is a long time to be lonely if it turns out nobody wants to talk after class!
  12. My POI literally just emailed me to say I should expect to hear from UC Irvine “very soon” within the next few Days. This was for the Public Health PhD program not the Épi one. Sorry just realised you mentioned Epidemiology, so this might not be as helpful as intended
  13. This was me too aha! Luckily I heard back from my top school so I’m so longer stressed and don’t bother staying up any more.
  14. It was the former, sorry for not clarifying! Oo thank you for this. Thank you for this. Weirdly I actually own this book, I'd just never noticed. Will definitely start reading this!
  15. Hi all! A non-admissions question but was wondering if anybody had any reading suggestions on social networks? I’ve got quite a lot of free time for the next few months and I’m starting to become more interested in this research area so wanted to do some reading to see if I want to take this area further.
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