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  1. The main difference is that PhD is more research driven and DrPH is for current professionals and more field orientated. DrPH usually has prerequisites for a certain number of years of professional experiences. Good luck!
  2. Did anybody go to the Open House/Day event at UCI for Public Health? I have some questions about whether you think the program/people/department is sociable/conducive to socialisation/friendships? I was able to attend (I know UCI well though) and my biggest hesitation about committing to this program over a social science PhD is that it might not be as sociable.
  3. I think negotiating fellowship semesters/quarters is quite common. I’ve also heard of people being offered non-monetary incentives like office space which might be negotiable.
  4. Have you told UCI that you have a deadline you need to respond to? I was told by a professor at UCI (not Epi) that if I needed a quicker decision from them because of other places then to let them know. Don’t know if it would work but maybe worth a try?
  5. That’s great congratulations! I’m sure I’ll see you around whichever program I choose.
  6. Is anyone else still deciding between programs or is it just me at this point?
  7. I haven’t sent my formal acceptance yet still taking this weekend to decide. I’m trying to decide between the Public Health program or a social science PhD, leaning more strongly to the former though.
  8. Yes I heard back late February. I think they let people know right up to the deadline of April 15th depending on how many responses they get and whether they go to their ‘waitlist’
  9. Yes I got accepted the next day! Good luck, waiting sucks
  10. Throughout my life I’ve ended up attending universities in the most expensive global cities...here’s to being poor for another 6 years aha! Congratulations and good luck with everything!
  11. Ah Okay so it's not completely weird for this to happen then aha! Still haven't received an email but have checked on the portal and there is now an official offer letter from the Dean of Graduate Admissions available. Ah yes my mother also said that if they don't admit they should still give me the money, ah if only that could be the way! Although the fellowship was really really low though which surprised me (it shouldn't surprise me as its a public university) and it actually had a shortfall to meet visa requirements.
  12. Weirdly I haven’t had an email about acceptance to the Sociology program at UC Riverside (in fact haven’t heard at all from them since applying) but have just received a funding offer from them, doesn’t say anything about acceptance just “here’s the money” which I found a bit weird. I’m presuming I’ve been accepted then though?
  13. Sending good vibes and crossing my fingers you hear back soon! It's so exhausting waiting when you want something so much! All the best
  14. I have experience staying in graduate housing at UCI (not a student but my partner is) and I would say it’s definitely worth it and the graduate housing definitely doesn’t feel like a dorm. More of a planned neighbourhood apartment style kind of thing. There’s a Target, Trader Joes and Albertsons between a 5-15 minute walk depending on what housing lot you’re on. The former two are quite small but the Albertsons is decent (I’m not from the US so honestly can’t say comparably whether it’s big or small). Other supermarkets like Whole Foods or Costco will require a car(pool) or an Uber. I believe
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