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  1. Hey everyone, great thread! I am also in the process of debating between programs, so I thought I might share my very informal list -- It's not all necessarily visit-day questions, but more generally information I think I'll consider in my choice or just generally want to know (some was already mentioned above): Research & day-to-day: Regarding potential supervisors: Experience of other grad students with them Mentoring style, etc. Current research projects of faculty & other grad students Atmosphere (Competitive vs cooperative, etc.) & Social life Qual/quant/mixed-methods research support & statistical consultation or support Is it possible/typical to work with more than one faculty Interdisciplinarity & possibilities for research collaborations Best areas to live Money questions: Duration of funding & modalities of summer funding Are there fees to be paid aside from the tuition remission, and how much What's the delay before first pay Availability of funding for conferences and such Other: Graduation/completion rates and average nb of years to PhD Numbers of student publications / student-faculty publications Placement records (in terms of TT jobs compared to incoming cohort size, if that's what you're interested in)
  2. I don't know anything specifically about Columbia, but given that many other top schools are later than usual and haven't released any results yet, I would guess there is still a possibility people accepted by these schools would turn down previous offers, including Columbia
  3. I'm wondering the same. One of my friends who applied for a biology PhD (although unrelated field) got told from a top 20 program they were delayed by many weeks this year due to a flood of application, as they got something like twice or thrice as much as usual
  4. Aaaaaaand then it wasn't (for most of us, congrats to the others :)... let's hope for tomorrow!
  5. Given the small cohort sizes and that not everyone posts on Gradcafe, I'm less than optimistic at this point, but I guess we never know!
  6. Us and the schools not releasing admissions decisions just yet:
  7. Same here, 7 applications and nothing yet! I think next week will be a big one, I'm expecting most of them to come out then...
  8. I am also waiting on this one... Hopefully we get some news soon, it seems some years show results pretty early in February
  9. Hey everyone, I'm new here so just saying hi, and congratulations to all those who got positive news! I'm at 7/7 pending and compulsively refreshing the results page... I tend to agree with this, especially if they won't accept anyone without funding! It seems they could wait a few more days before announcing results. Well not necessarily, the way I see it funding may ultimately determine how many they accept, but your waitlist spot will depend more on how many turn their offer down, so there's definitely hope!
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