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  1. KatThomp

    Gainesville, FL

    Hello! I just got accepted to a PhD program at UF and I will be visiting in March. I built in a day for myself to go and look around town and get a vibe for the housing and lifestyle of Gainesville. Any tips on restaurants, neighborhoods, museums, or other features I should make sure to visit? Thanks!
  2. Last week: OH MY GOD WHY HAVEN'T ANY OF THE SCHOOLS RESPONDED TO ME This week: Well. If I get in I get in but if not I guess I'll take up street magic and make a new life for myself.
  3. Do you mean social networks as in community and social capital or as in social networking (internet, social media)? If you mean communities and social capital I'm TAing a class right now that is reading Alienated America, which is a book by a conservative author on the issue of alienation in the US and it talks about creating social bonds between people and communities. It's pretty good, but some parts are very opinion-heavy as opposed to data-heavy.
  4. Anyone else still waiting to hear back from all their schools? I haven't heard a PEEP from a single school and I'm starting to get jittery.
  5. Thank you! Is it the norm now to send out admissions in waves? It seems like a lot of schools are sending them out to different people at different times. I'm feeling very lost, especially because I've had one year less of undergrad and graduating early puts me at a financial advantage but a huge disadvantage as far as knowledge of and interaction with graduate programs!
  6. I'm so nervous about hearing back I don't have as high of a GPA as other candidates so I had to rely on my GRE and writing sample and other personal achievements and I'm starting to see people get acceptances from the schools I applied to, primarily CU Boulder and Mizzou. Has anyone heard from UT San Antonio yet or have any idea when that might come out? Thanks 😫
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