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  1. dillwithit

    2018 - 2019 NSF DDRI

    My status date just changed but is still pending.
  2. dillwithit

    2018 - 2019 NSF DDRI

    Congratulations @soulinfoarc!!! That is amazing news!!!! Did your account change online? I am still in the waiting game for bio. I haven't really heard anything from there.
  3. dillwithit

    2018 - 2019 NSF DDRI

    I haven't heard anything about acceptances.
  4. dillwithit

    2018 - 2019 NSF DDRI

    Spoke with the Program Contact, and she said that we will hear back this month. Still vague, but at least that is something!!
  5. dillwithit

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Pineapple Express
  6. dillwithit

    Should I retake GRE for AWA?

    I wouldn't retake it. Just be sure to include a writing sample as some schools use the AWA as the sole writing sample. The majority of schools in anthro focus on V and Q scores anyway.
  7. dillwithit

    2018 - 2019 NSF DDRI

  8. dillwithit

    2018 - 2019 NSF DDRI

    That's good to know @trogdorburninator!! Maybe it's good news we haven't heard anything then! My app status hasn't changed from pending, so I'm wondering if their review committees have even started for bio, especially only just finishing with the GRFP. Are you in bio too?
  9. dillwithit

    2018 - 2019 NSF DDRI

    Thanks to both of you!!
  10. dillwithit

    2018 - 2019 NSF DDRI

    Hey! I thought I would start a thread since it has been awhile since the existing ones have been updated. I applied to the January deadline for the bio anthropology DDRIG. Has anyone heard anything yet? I know in previous years, we would have heard something by now, but the government shutdown might delay things.
  11. dillwithit

    Ford Foundation Predoctoral fellowship 2017

    Congratulations to all fellows and honorable mentions!! I unfortunately did not get it. I did receive my feedback comments though....it seemed one reviewer absolutely loved it, but the other one did not, which is frustrating. Can't win over everybody I guess.
  12. dillwithit

    Ford Foundation Predoctoral fellowship 2017

    First time applicant here too!! I am happy everything is in, but the waiting game will be a struggle.
  13. dillwithit

    UCSD 2015

    I talked with current students and they said 3 core classes at once is the best. I am taking 2 core, 2 colloquiums (they are participation based), and TAing, which is 14 credits (you need 12 to be full time). They told me that my schedule would be challenging but doable.
  14. dillwithit

    UCSD 2015

    For those not with SHORE, are you waiting it out or looking for an off-campus apartment?

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