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Does anyone have any thoughts on SAIS's newish MIEF program?



As someone who's main goal is to work for the IADB/World Bank/IMF, this degree seems pretty ideal. It's a 1 year program in international economics and finance, based in DC, and classified as STEM (so us international students can use that 2 extra years of OPT). SAIS is also known as one of the top IR schools when it comes to teaching quantitative skills. The thing is I'm pretty skeptical of new programs, and I'm not sure if there's a stigma among employers regarding 1 year masters degrees. 

Also, looking at 2017's employment outcomes for SAIS grads (http://mediahost.sais-jhu.edu/~saismedia/media/web/site/flip/employment-outcomes-2017/12/index.html), MIEF employment outcomes seem to be slightly worse than those of other SAIS programs, particularly when it comes to median salaries and private sector employment. I think this could be explained by the program's small class size and highly international student body, but it's still a bit of a red flag. 

Does anyone here go to SAIS/has done some extensive research on this program? What are your thoughts?

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