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Counseling MS to Doc Programs


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Hi, everyone. I am currently doing very well in a CACREP accredited Counseling program. I had V: 170, Q: 159 GRE but no interviews for PhD Clinical Psych programs before I entered this master's program. I am weighing my options for the future. 


In light of my high scores, high grad GPA, strong CV, and current experience as a research GA (editing articles for publication), what do my prospects look like now?


Are there any Clinical or Counseling Psych programs that might be more interested? How likely are they to give me credit for some of my current coursework? 


Just trying to start thinking about the future now.



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With scores like that your prospects look great. Many clinical and counseling schools would be very interested; it's all about finding your fit with the schools' professors. Many schools waive some course work (courses usually in psychological foundations) if you're coming in with Master's level courses.

I applied the first time this cycle having just finished an MS myself and received 9 interviews (applied to 15 schools, but still, very good return on applications). I believe my work in my master's played a big role in receiving the interviews.

You should have a bright perspective for your future!

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3 hours ago, cantunderstand said:

Thank you for the feedback!


Any ideas on making contact with programs/faculty of interest? I think this could have helped me last time, but I'm not sure the right route to go.

The only contact I would have with potential faculty is e-mailing if they were accepting students (if not listed on the program's website) or in-person at conferences (i.e. APA student poster session). In the latter I would also just have the conversation be brief and that you were interested in their research/program (to which said faculty member will most likely simply respond with a nice, "Oh, wonderful, I look forward to your application this fall, etc. etc.").  

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At this point, I would focus your applications on Counseling Psych PhD programs.  I don't know your background prior to the Master's, but with a counseling degree on your CV, it's going to be a huge up-hill climb to get into a Clinical Psych PhD program, but focusing your effort on counseling programs should be much more fruitful.  Many counseling programs will give you credit or waive courses based upon coursework you completed as part of a Master's degree.  Details about that should be listed in the Doctoral Student Manual (can usually be found on the department website).

What is your area of research?

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