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I am applying to West Virginia University MSW program. 
The application is electronic. You are prompted to enter references/letter of recommendations into the electronic Fields but they are small, so you can't type a bunch of stuff out. 
For one of my references, I worked as a CPS worker for a local county agency. During my time, I interacted with many other social service agencies. This particular reference was a professional from a different Agency that I interacted with often, she was a referral to my clients. On the application it asks to provide their relationship to you. Her position was known as a Family Preservation Specialist at her agency. How do I describe her relationship to me? Is she a colleague or something else? I dont want the references to sound like they are just friends that I work with because we all had to interact significantly for our clients benefit and to provide proper services. 

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Perhaps something like "community partner," "agency collaborator" or something else similar? I see the desire not to use colleague but it's definitely hard to describe a relationship like that. 

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