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  1. Has anyone appealed their financial aid and had success? How long did it take to hear back from them?
  2. Thank you! I'll definitely reach out that way
  3. I had to scroll to the bottom of the page and all the way down there it allowed me to click to see the decision.
  4. Accepted! I haven't gotten my email yet but I logged in to my account again and it said my admissions decision was made available today! So excited, as now I've heard back from every program I applied to and can make a decision. Still irritated with a lack of responsiveness from the school about visiting from out of state next week though
  5. Has anyone had experience with the student champions? I completed the form around the end of last week and haven't gotten a response yet, and I'm getting a little nervous because I'm flying up to NY next week. Obviously should have filled it out sooner but got side tracked by other things going on in my life right now.
  6. Perhaps something like "community partner," "agency collaborator" or something else similar? I see the desire not to use colleague but it's definitely hard to describe a relationship like that.
  7. Wow, really surprised to hear decisions, especially without interviews have started to go out! Reading last years' threads, I wasn't expecting anything until mid March. I just logged into my account and it says "FINAL DECISION" but doesn't let me click or see anything other than my already complete application. I can't remember if it said that the last time I logged in? I submitted my application on Nov 30. I'm hoping to get a response soon, I'm flying to NY from FL in under 2 weeks to visit schools and it would be really helpful to know if I was accepted before spending the time at Hunter.
  8. I feel you, I have never ever wanted to do case management and it can feel like that's all there is! Personally, I work in sexual assault services so I know that most victim advocacy positions at crisis centers, state attorney's offices, police departments, and universities only require a bachelors. Same for the domestic violence equivalents. I know that isn't for everybody though. I've also known people to work for counseling centers or substance abuse treatment centers in a capacity other than therapist, for example completing the intake interviews. Your state's version of department of
  9. First, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles! Being in your twenties is difficult enough because there is so much (unrealistic) pressure to have it all figured out, but when you add on mental health concerns or physical barriers, it's all the more exhausting. I agree with your friend, most people even at 25 don't have it all together. And those that seem to, probably don't as much as they act like they do. Social work is an incredible field but I also think it's a field that you can only succeed in if you are 100% passionate about it. It's not sustainable if you aren't happy to be there. I kn
  10. Thank you! Double major in psychology and women's studies, 3.8 GPA. 2 years of answering crisis hotlines while in school, and postgrad I've been working as a sexual assault victim advocate for 1.5 years and counting. I also did 3 years of undergrad research and taught a weekly colloquium to freshman students for a semester.
  11. Yes, full time 2 year track. I wanted everything in at once so I wouldn't have to stress over it for long so I submitted all my applications around the Columbia deadline (12/1). I wasn't expecting to get an answer until after the deadline so it was a pleasant surprise! I honestly turned it all in early because it was just less stressful for me that way haha.
  12. I submitted everything on Dec 17th, so I heard back in less than a month!
  13. I found that in the prompts for the schools I applied to, there wasn't really much space to go into personal experience to begin with. The prompts were much more focused on educational and career experience, social issues you are passionate about, and why you are pursuing an MSW. That might allow a comment here or there about how your experience motivated you to pursue social work, or how you have demonstrated self discipline, but I would not go into detail. Beyond it being quite personal, it also doesn't convey why they should accept you into their program. Your personal statement is your cha
  14. Just got accepted to NYU! I'm super excited but also now anxiously waiting for the scholarship application window to open, as even with the funding they offered me, there's a lot of tuition remaining. Does anyone know when those applications typically open up? Looking at last year's form, they didn't close until June which is a bit stressful to consider having to commit to a school without knowing how I'll fund it.
  15. I agree, I think it's clear that you have a great deal of experience, and on top of that it's relevant to the work you described. Perhaps the admissions officers haven't thought about the Filipinx population before but I feel that hearing you state an interest in starting the conversation makes you a strong candidate. I would put focus on that and use it as a strength -- you have noticed a gap and you want to be the one to fill it.
  16. Same here, actually! I got my B.S. in psychology and I intend to get my LCSW and practice therapy.
  17. Same here, currently working on my application but for the on-campus program. Following this thread
  18. Hello, all! I'm in the process of applying to programs for Fall 2019 and I'm aiming to go out of state. Does anyone have insight on if it is more beneficial to visit campus and receive a program tour before or after acceptance? I feel it could help me make a decision and I would have more specific and useful questions visiting after acceptance, but I can also see the benefit of knowing more about the overall vibe of the school and introducing myself to staff before my application has been reviewed. I can't afford the time and money to travel both before and after, especially since I would then
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