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  1. Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying their spring! I am choosing between CSU Fullerton and CSU LA for my MSW for Fall 2019. I am from Northern California so do not know many people who have heard of either program! My goal is to get my license as a clinical social worker. I want to work with families and youth, as well as the eating disorder population, in hopes of obtaining my own private practice. I am being mindful of the cost of living, traffic, and career opportunities for the field. My question is: Which program is a better fit for my interests in clinical so
  2. Also, I got an e-mail yesterday morning stating that I didn't get into CSU LB due to all seats already being filled and is based on rolling admissions...for that school would have been a good thing to apply early! Good luck to all!
  3. CSU Fullerton
  4. Hello! The waiting process is SOOOO excruciating so I know how you feel but hang in there! I applied to CSUF for fall 2019 MSW program on the deadline of January 15th, got contacted for an interview on February 23rd and interviewed on February 27th, and got accepted on March 19th, and was contacted all through e-mail. For CSULA I sent the application on deadline and just got my letter of acceptance through mail April 7th. I applied to CSULB also but have not heard anything back yet! I sent this application on the deadline as well. Hope this helps and wish you luck!!!!
  5. Definitely, thank you for your reply and insight! I always have thought that my experience was not enough but hearing your reply says otherwise and is very encouraging. Thank you!
  6. Wow!!! Thank you so very much for your reply! Yes, I agree that the research is gearing towards prevention and that we recognize its importance and want to add to this change! Thank you for the tip as well for adding statistics. I feel that would make my point stronger! Good luck on your MSW applications!
  7. Hello, I am new here!!! I am sitting in a car dealership waiting for my car to get an oil change (thank goodness for WiFi) and am working on my FALL 2019 MSW grad apps and I am stuck! There are moments when I am motivated, know what I want to do with my career, but then there is another part of me that is doubting myself. I am a first generation Filipinx-American and feel that it is a very underrepresented population especially in regards to mental health. I want to change that, focusing on youth and families and doing research on eating disorders, and working on prevention. However, am w
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