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The main things I am considering are:

  • Cost of attendance / funding opportunities
  • Facility & Faculty, as well as certain clinical and research opportunities 
  • Area the school is in / cost of living 
  • Distance to my home, family, and traveling cost 

I feel like decision-making is going to be harder than the application process to be honest! I am going to try to have my decision after my spring break, which is next week. 

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I think my decision will greatly depend on funding, as I feel that I can get a similar education at many of my schools. However, I’ll also be considering the facilities, clinic placements,  and the overall feeling I had when visiting the school. 

Going to have a very tough decision ahead of me!

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My scenario is a bit unique as I thought I would be accepted into UNCO and not to CU Boulder and it happened the exact opposite! I had talked myself into loving the program, facilities, and faculty at UNCO and never really considered CU. Now, I am wondering if I should hold out and wait to see if I get off the waitlist or if I should just accept CU. I live in CO so either school I would remain living where I am so that is helpful!

Good luck on all of your decisions! And again Congrats!!

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