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  1. Hi again! After attending the visit day yesterday, I just wanted to give you a little update on funding. It depends on how large the class size is, but each year it seems that approximately 8 student should receive an assistantship (research, audiology assistant, or TA). Average class size is about 10 people, so there’s a really good chance everyone does get funding. A couple students did find out prior to April 15 (contacted by profs.) while some don’t find out until fall. Others might not get anything for first semester but then they do get something the next semester. And all students are generally able to keep their assistanship the following years so that’s awesome. Let me know if you have more specific questions. I’m on my phone so it’s difficult to type everything. The visit day yesterday confirmed how awesome the program and faculty is, and I’m like 95% sure I’m attending Purdue. Would love to connect if you are for sure going as well!
  2. did anyone receive financial aid from Vandy? Thought their website said a lot of students received SOMETHING, but my friend and I both just got letters in the mail saying they don’t have the funds to offer us anything. No big deal, just thought they offered more people something? Congrats to anyone who received funding
  3. just curious - have you heard about funding from Iowa yet? It’s one of my top 3 choices, but don’t think i’ll go without funding (out of state).
  4. Hi!!! I also may be attending Purdue in the fall! I’m waiting to hear about funding from them and other top choices before making a decision. Obviously, I have not heard about funding yet and neither has my friend who also applied. So don’t worry! I am attending the Admitted Students day on March 22 and hoping to find out more then. They told me that some students find out about funding before April 15, but some don’t However, I believe most current student there do have some funding, so there’s hope! Best of luck and keep me updated
  5. Also interested if there’s a visit day at Vandy! Whether or not I attend will likely rest on funding, but i’d love to visit regardless.
  6. HearIAm


    I think my decision will greatly depend on funding, as I feel that I can get a similar education at many of my schools. However, I’ll also be considering the facilities, clinic placements, and the overall feeling I had when visiting the school. Going to have a very tough decision ahead of me!
  7. Hope it goes well for both of us! The anxiety will be over soon!
  8. Apparently today is the day we hear from Vanderbilt and I couldn’t sleep last night! It’s not even necessarily my top choice school, but it is the last school I need to hear from. Just the fact that this process is coming to an end is insane! (Except that i’m still playing the waiting game about funding.....)
  9. Also, does anyone know when Vanderbilt sends out their decisions? The last school I'm waiting to hear from!!
  10. I received the packet in the mail but I don't think it said anything about funding. However, I haven't been able to physically look through it yet because I accidentally listed my address as my home address and not my school address. My acceptance email said we'd get another email regarding funding on March 22 though! Praying for SOME funding!
  11. Hi everyone! So glad I found this thread! I applied to 8 schools for Fall 2019 admit and have had great success so far! Just got accepted to UW Madison TODAY! Also have interviews lined up with Purdue, Iowa, and Pacific. Good luck to everyone!
  12. HearIAm

    CSDCAS Question

    Yes, mine were also Received and Verified within a couple days of actually paying and submitting the application. So, I wouldn't stress about the 4 weeks thing too much.
  13. I know that you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to even apply, but the website says that "...the students we accept into the program typically have much higher GPAs." I can't speak to UW specifically, but I've heard that a lot of Audiology program like an applicant with a GPA above 3.5 and combined Verbal/Quant. GRE score of at least 300. But, if you don't have these stats, that doesn't mean you won't be admitted. Each program weighs everything differently. I have spoken with someone from UW though, and she said that Madison has a class of 10 students and Stevens-Point has a class of 5. Just FYI.
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