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Email from POI prior to interview weekend


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So I have been invited to interview at school X in social psyc and I got this email from one of my POIs

Dear Owlettkh:

I am very much looking forward to meeting and chatting with you at our visitors weekend in March. Since my research is focused on intergroup emotions I was particularly interested in your work on trust and of course group identification. I am sure that you will have many good opportunities for graduate training given your excellent credentials and training, but we look forward to the opportunity to try and encourage you to come work at School X. We have many excellent faculty who are expert in the areas you're interested in, and I for one would be very pleased to have you working on my lab. Here's a little more information about the visitor's weekend, and I look forward to meeting with you. Please say hi to (one of your recommenders) for me.



Now I think this is a good sign since this POI is now the third prof to contact me, but how much should I read into this? I mean it sounds like the interview is just a formality? Am I right?


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