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Research experience for a PsyD?


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Hi everyone!

I’m hoping to apply to a PsyD program after completing a masters in Psych. But I’m in a bit of a quandary.

a bit about me: former Army Officer, Victim Advocate (US Army), Sexual Assault Specialist at a local nonprofit, and 7 years of volunteer experience on a suicide prevention hotline. My undergrad was religious studies/anthropology, and I have an honors thesis from that... but I have no other research experience.

How important is research experience to the PsyD admissions process? 

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It depends on the program. I suggest you get a copy of The Insider's Guide to Clinical and Counseling Psychology Programs. There, a list of all APA programs is ID'ed on a scale of 1 to 7 - 1 being purely clinically oriented and 7 being very research oriented. There are absolutely PsyD programs that lean research (e.g. Rutgers, Baylor) where you must have experience to get in. And then there are programs that are very clinical and do not expect you to have research experience at all. 

That said, many folks who apply - because of the competitive nature of this field - do have some sort of research experience.

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