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Top fellowship at R1 vs. Ivies (prestige vs. $$)

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I have the following (great) dilemma of choosing between:

1) A highly-ranked program at a public R1 that offered me a top university fellowship (we're talking close to 40k most years + extra funds for research, travel, personal development). This school is also located in a fun, interesting city. 

2) Programs at an ivy school or comparable - the funding is good, the names are top, but they can't match the actual $$/perks, and are located in places that likely aren't as enjoyable to live.

Advice? How does one weigh all these factors?

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Good point, although yes, I have been comparing them. The R1 offer is on par with the second highest offer (elite school, perhaps not the most famous program) which is in a place with low CoL. Financially, it definitely beats out other offers which have big names but fairly high costs of living. 

Things are close enough this shouldn't be the deciding factor, though it certainly is tempting! (And comes with some extra perks that are nice....)

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