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Funding for MA programs in international studies


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Since all of my PhD applications fell through, I must attend an MA program next year. I have acceptances at UC San Diego (GPS in Japanese Politics) and University of Washington (Jackson School in Japanese Politics). I have only received a scholarship offer from the latterĀ (4.5k, waive out-of-state tutition) and would like advice on how to seek further funding. I am applying for individual scholarships and hope I can afford to realize this opportunity. I have a back-up option (paid year in China), in worst case.

Thank you. ?

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Find out if your university currently offers any campus wide fellowships, scholarships, etc. Once you establish your dissertation's general themes and develop a central thesis, I would start marketing it to various fellowships, grants, and other organizations that might share a mutual interest. For example, if you are looking at Islam in Japan and tourism, I would approach or examine JETRO, MOFA, and other organizations such as travel agencies or the like that have a vested interest in your research if you can spin it to helping them better understand how/why foreigners from SE Asia and other Muslim communities come/don't come to Japan and how they can better improve their experiences. Market your materials to those with money.

Take any opportunity to find conferences with student paper competitions and the like that you can attend or at least submit to. Winning prizes gives you exposure and recognition, which can contribute to lines on your CV. Demonstrate you 1.) produce relevant research and 2.) get money for it. A $500 student paper competition win can help you get that $1000 campus grant, which leads to a regional $5000 expense stipend from an agency to tens of thousands of dollars in other grants, etc.

If all else fails, seek out teaching opportunities that offer tuition remission in addition to pay. I know you already have an out-of-state waiver, but teaching at your local junior college or community college on the side helps you network and gives you more income. Use the opportunity to develop your own lessons and research, bring in your own research and teach it in segment of the curriculum, etc.

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