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Biostat MS: JHU vs Yale


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Hi everyone!

I have been admitted to the Biostat MS program at Hopkins and Yale.

My goal is to pursue a PhD in Biostat after MS and eventually go into industry.

I don't have a strong math background (took calculus, linear algebra, numerical analysis, prob, stats, and a few applied stats courses in undergrad) so I hope to take a few math courses during MS.

I'm leaning towards JHU for many reasons (tier1 in biostat of course), but Yale is such a prestigious school (despite its lower rank in biostat) that I'd like to hear your thoughts about its biostat program.

These are the reasons why I currently think that JHU might suit me better:

1.  Smaller incoming class (JHU < 10 MS, Yale 20~25 MS) 

2.  TA & RA required in 2nd yr if pass the 75% scholarship exam (which from what I've heard, isn't hard to pass) while Yale doesn't guarantee these opportunities

3. More flexibility in coursework 

I think I'm able to take two or three math courses as electives in the 1st yr if I attend JHU. With Yale it seems hard to squeeze in a few math courses due to its relatively stringent degree requirements. Also, I think I'd have more research opportunities and closer interaction with faculty at JHU.

If I've missed out anything about Yale that's better than JHU, please share your thoughts! Thank you!




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It sounds like you should follow your instinct and attend JHU for all the reasons you mentioned. For PhD admissions in biostat, you need real analysis at the minimum, and advanced proof-intensive linear algebra is also helpful. Research experience among PhD applicants is becoming increasingly common as well, and based on your description, it seems like you would have better opportunities to take more math and serve as an RA at JHU. These things will strengthen your PhD applications.

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