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3 hours ago, mondal said:

Hi, I applied to both stanford and berkeley's masters programs in computer science (EECS in berkeley), but I'm yet to hear back from either. Has anyone here heard back from them? 

I think you're confused about what "Decisions, Decisions" means and this comment is best put in "waiting it out", but I suggest contacting the department for an update.  You guys have clearly been over using the results page to have conversations that are not what the results page was designed for.  The first page alone shows an apparent confusion that that is what the forums are for.  And though I admit you finally came to using it, you've ruined the results page for future applicants who want to see time frames of acceptances and the stats of those excepted and not long conversations about your worries over the program.  That is, again, what the forum is for.  We all get worried and nervous and I'll accept that most people aren't aware of the forum, but now that you know, please stop and encourage them to, as well. ?

To answer your question, email or call the department and see if they have a better understanding of when you can expect to hear back.  For every person who has heard back, probably a hundred more haven't.  According to the history of acceptances/rejections from the results page--which I literally had to go through nine pages of conversation to get to last year's results--you can likely expect to hear by the end of the week, if they keep with the same time frame as last year.

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