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Georgetown(McCourt)MPP vs. UCSD(GPS)MPP


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I got admitted to Georgetown MPP and UCSD MPP.

Interested in getting more training in quanti skills and applied approach to policy analysis.I'm unsure which program has more solid quanti courses based on real-world cases.

If considering taking policy analysis in research companies, which program has more advantage on location? I've heard that most internship at DC is focused on NGO or think tanks, what's the situation in Cal?

Another concern is the high cost in DC.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the strength and weakness of these two programs.

Thank you !

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I was also accepted to the UCSD MPP program for Fall 2019.I'm not sure how the Georgetown MPP is ranked, but their MA in Foreign Service and MAS in language/regional studies are usually ranked among the best in the world. Which means that as an MPP student at Georgetown you may be competing with the their better known programs as well as those of all the other D.C. area schools, like John Hopkins, George Washington, American, and the other east coast schools for jobs/internships in D.C.. UCSD GPS really prides itself on the quantitative analysis rigor of its program, and that aspect of the program is probably the best in the U.S. and certainly up there or beyond what the other elite schools provide. From what I have heard of UCSD's program it is very practical with lots of real world case studies and capestone projects designed to solve problems for public and private sector clients.  The biggest problem I have with the MPP program is that it is relatively new, first class started in 2015 I believe, and I'm not sure If I want to spend the next two years of my life doing linear/log regression analysis in my free time instead of going to the beach! I guess it depends on where you want to end up career wise and in what field. If you wanted to live on the west coast and work in private or public sector, UCSD may be a good choice.While the competition is probably still stiff, between UCLA, USC, Stanford, and UC Berkeley graduates, it probably doesn't quite compare to the D.C. rate race. 

Hopefully that helps a little bit!

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