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Summer Plans Question


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I'm currently working on my MA in Russian & East European Studies, and I'll be applying to PhD programs in political science this fall. I do research on authoritarianism and political economy in Russia and post-Soviet Central Asia. I need to retake the GRE, though, and improve my quantitative score by approximately 10 points. I'm currently deciding between two plans for what to do this summer. Which sounds like the better option?

Option 1: Participate in an intensive language course at my home university. The advantage of this is that I would likely have time, after my classes, to study for the GRE, which I will retake in August or September.

Option 2: Participate in an intensive language course abroad. I would be doing the same thing abroad that I would be doing at home. The advantage is that I would be immersed in the language 24/7, and this could really help to advance my language skills. The disadvantage is that I would not have time to study for the GRE while abroad.


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The GRE quant score is becoming increasingly important in the polisci PhD admissions, so the first option is a no-brainer if your first priority is to get accepted to the solid polisci PhD program. Btw, I am also interested in the political economy of authoritarian regimes in the former USSR and am going to start my PhD this year --- do not hesitate to contact me if you have some specific questions.

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