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Is it worth taking a fully funded PhD offer at a low ranked university?


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Have two MAs, and have been rejected because of "fit" (despite having interviews) from all top choice American PhD programs (in the Humanities)... am waiting to hear back from two programs, have one interview this week. Both are in the UK, one is a fully funded scholarship, but the university is fairly low ranked. One is fairly highly ranked but I applied late and missed the normal international funding scheme, so not sure how that one may work. 

If I'm offered the scholarship, is it worth taking just so that I'm *in* a PhD program, or should I try to do an MPhil or MLitt at the second university (if there's no funding for the PhD) and re-apply in time to receive funding for the PhD? I want to teach, I want to contribute to my field, and I don't want my career prospects to falter. The department at the lower ranked university itself is totally fine, but the institution is a relative no-name, and I don't see their graduates making any progress in my field.

This is my fourth time applying to programs, and I'm exhausted, frustrated, and don't really know what to do. 

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Does the program at the fully funded school fit your interests? Are there people there that you would want to work with? Can you see yourself being happy there? If you can see yourself being happy and creative there it may not matter so much that it isn't a fancy school. 

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