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How to choose the right journals for publications


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Right now I am doing my Masters Wanted to do my doctorate before doing my doctorate I want to publish my research papers having a list of publication in my mind like Scopus and Springer. Which is the better one to publish and where can I get the best conferences related to Dental and oral health in India . Hoping community members from the Grandcafe will guide me.

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Carefully selecting the journal in which to submit your manuscript greatly reduces the risk of rejection of your work. Once you have made a preliminary decision about the journal (whether it be Scopus Journals, IEEE, Springer, or otherwise) read the ‘Instructions to Authors’ to discover the limits imposed by the journal in the form of article format, number of words, citation styles, photographic specifications , publication costs, etc. a final decision. Posting in a high-impact newspaper is probably of paramount importance to you.  Remember to keep ease, quality, reach and impact at the forefront of your mind when searching for a journal in which to publish. 

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Hey Ranjan i can clarify you queries every journal has some specifications in Indexing going with a high range of publications will tend to bring to enumerate high chances of appreciation and recognized. Before publishing any journals carefully read the instructions that have to approve by the author check your plagiarized content and make yourself publish.

For more results regarding to the Upcoming Conferences you can check at: Conference alerts

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