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Full Pay MA Georgetown SFS or Hopkins SAIS?????


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I didn't get any scholarships or financial aid but I can borrow from my parents. They already paid for my undergrad degree from an expensive LAC and for my siblings as well and they are retiring now. I feel bad asking them to drain their nest egg. I don't know how long would it take me to earn it back and repay them. I may get married next year and he is a grad student himself with good amount of debt and not a high earning potential (want to teach high school) so life can get complicated. Is it worth it to spend >$200,000 on a masters degree or should I go to a lower ranking school for <$100,000? 

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Honestly - Its not worth it in today's society, especially with the high debt in which most folks have after school.  I don't know what your parents background is or wealth nest status is, but talk to them and tell them what you feel.  Maybe ya'll can work out a plan to where you and your parents feel great in moving forward.

My advice is work for a few years and then potentially apply later on down the road and get scholarship money then and/or use the tuition assistance program that your company might have.  There are a ton of other IR programs (and online) out there that do not eat up your wallet !!

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