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Accepted at University of Louisiana for English MA but On a Waiting List for Assistantship



Hello, as the title explains I was accepted into the program, but am on a waiting list for an assistantship. My only career goals is to teach at the university level, so I am planning on going to graduate school at some point. However, the only consistent advice that I have been given is that you shouldn't go to graduate school if they don't fund you because they aren't really accepting you. I also just don't have the means or the the motivation to get into more debt for a career I want but that pays little. I am told I am "high" on the list. The director said she would keep me up to date if anything changes. If by the Fall of 2019 I do not have funding is there a way to push my starting semester until I get funding? I am graduating undergrad this semester, so maybe that played a part in the lack of assistantship offers. Any help would be lovely, and with advanced thanks.

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I doubt they would allow you to defer your admission in hopes of getting funding. They would almost certainly tell you to apply next year. Coincidentally, that's what I would recommend if you don't get funding. I know it's frustrating, but it's common for people to apply multiple times before they get funded. Heck, there's a good chance I'll be in the same boat in a few weeks.

If that happens, it may be a blessing in disguise. I know people who have gone to grad school directly from undergrad, and many of them wish they had taken a year off to relax, save money, and consider if academia is truly the right path. I'm not implying you shouldn't go if you do get the assistantship; just be flexible, and prepare a plan B.

And remember: you're already a strong applicant if they're considering you for funding. There's definitely a school out there that would want to give you the assistance you deserve.

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