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MBA vs. MPP Debate

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Anyone out there had to justify taking one over the other? 

I prefer the MPP but am getting questioned / pressured to accept an MBA offer instead (primarily from my parents). My career goals center on healthcare and influencing health behavior. I see this manifesting in work with foundations such as Bill & Melinda Gates, Rockefeller, etc.; state or federal agencies under DHHS or informing candidate positions; or as an advocate. My parents don't believe the MPP is useful as they view America trending toward "small government" / not value-ing public service, thus my time should be spent on private sector and big business. I've worked in big business, hated it, and did not feel as though I was adding value. I am feeling a higher call toward public service instead. 

Anyways, just curious if there are others debating the same thing and how they are leaning. 

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@TalkPoliticsToMe just based on your username it seems like you'd be happier in a MPP.

I know a one person that works in policy with an MBA, but many with an MPP.
An MPP has a lot of value in a very small market, namely policy. And if you'd like to work in policy, there is no value in getting an MBA.

Potentially an MS/MA in Economics might be a good third option. But I'd say given your career goals, an MPP is the better of the two choices. 

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