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  1. marksheppard

    Prestige vs Affordability

    @indecisivemf I kinda wonder how I did on my SOP, I mentioned my research interests, but it was also a bit of a personal statement as well. I hope it was well received but I'm not sure. MACRM would be ideal because I plan to do a PhD after, but I'm not sure if applying in the 2nd round was a good idea.
  2. marksheppard

    Prestige vs Affordability

    @indecisivemf yeah, for the MACRM program. I'm not sure if I'm a competitive applicant. Undergrad GPA 3.6 -Legal Studies/Public Policy UC Berkeley Grad GPA 3.5 -Political Economics Georgetown GRE Q 160 GRE V 160 AWA 4 Worked in public policy for like 6 years, 2 RA positions, and some other research. Thoughts?
  3. marksheppard

    MBA vs. MPP Debate

    @TalkPoliticsToMe just based on your username it seems like you'd be happier in a MPP. I know a one person that works in policy with an MBA, but many with an MPP. An MPP has a lot of value in a very small market, namely policy. And if you'd like to work in policy, there is no value in getting an MBA. Potentially an MS/MA in Economics might be a good third option. But I'd say given your career goals, an MPP is the better of the two choices.
  4. marksheppard

    Berkeley Goldman (GSPP) MPP Waitlist

    @cheysadr that's frustrating. I just got a straight denial, which sucks in its own way.
  5. marksheppard

    Prestige vs Affordability

    @indecisivemf did you apply for the 2nd round at Harris?
  6. Quit your PhD at Toronto, go to Oxford!
  7. marksheppard

    Berkeley GSPP 2019

    Did you get in?
  8. Applying: Chicago Harris (MACRM), UC Berkeley MPP Undergrad GPA: 3.62; UC Berkeley, Honors Law & Economics/Public Policy Graduate GPA: 3.52 Georgetown, Political Economics LOR: Thesis advisor, Department Chair, and CA State Senator2 years of research experience GRE: 160 Q/ 160V/ 4.0 AWA Work Experience: Worked for US Senate, House of Representatives, CA State Senate, and a few research positions with academics Calc (A), Statistics (A), Econometrics (B+),
  9. marksheppard

    Advice for Non-Stats Applicant & Profile 2019

    Georgetown is the PhD that I'm positioning for, by extension it is the MA that I'm hoping to get into, but I can't find any rankings. Would you say that GT is a good or bad Stat program?
  10. Ultimately I want to do a PhD in Economics, and Math/Statistics is the most reasonable way to get there. So I need some brutal advice on applying to MA in Stats. What programs should I look at? And where I have the best chance of getting in. Undergrad GPA: 3.62; UC Berkeley, Honors Law & Economics/Public Policy Graduate GPA: 3.52 Georgetown, Political Economics LOR: Thesis advisor, Department Chair, and CA State Senator 2 years of research experience GRE: 160 Q/ 160V/ 4.0 AWA Calc (A), Statistics (A)
  11. So I am trying to apply to some MA in Stats, at Top 10-50 programs. My undergrad/grad GPA is about 3.5-3.6, GREQ 160, GREV 160. But I need Calc1, 2, 3, and I was thinking of taking online classes at U of Phoenix, because I'm finishing my Masters. I just need the prereqs, but I don't know if the U of Phoenix will be seem as a blemish. Advice?
  12. marksheppard

    MA Stats Profile Evaluation

    Feinstein. I have Calculus 1 (A), have not completed Calculus 2, or Calculus 3 yet. The programs I'm looking at are: 1. UC Berkeley 2. Cornell 3. Georgetown 4. Columbia I have some experience in Stata and R. My plan is to do a Statistics MA, then apply to an Economics PhD.
  13. marksheppard

    Measure Me Up - Econ

    Ideally, I'm aiming for a PhD program between Carnegie Mellon and Georgetown. I just went to talk to a professor today, about applying to a PhD earlier today, hoping to ask for a new LOR. And the professor basically told me to get more math and almost explicitly discouraged me from applying to an Economics PhD. Granted, that professor could be a bad barometer (as I could be as well), but still.
  14. marksheppard

    Measure Me Up - Econ

    I applied to a MA for very much the same reason, with the express goal of applying to a PhD in Economics as a stronger candidate. It's difficult to gauge admissions probability. Currently I'm in the process of applying to a MA in Statistics, simply because the candidate pool for PhDs in Economics have become so competitive. This can all seem very discouraging at times, but just be glad that you're not applying to a PhD in Statistics. Those profiles are insane.
  15. marksheppard

    Measure Me Up - Econ

    I think having a strong quant background is imperative. I doubt that LORs are the most informative component of a application. Holistic review is in effect, but I'd assume that GRE/GPA are used as the most determinant factors. But also applying early and luck are massively understated variables. Find a few programs that you're interested in, reach out to the departments, try and ask the program director these same questions, with the explicit goal of building rapport. MS/MA in Economics programs are typically offered at very competitive schools, so apply to a few programs, especially if there is an early decision option.

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