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Latin American studies UChicago or NYU or Tulane or UCSD


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I got accepted to the master program of Latin American Studies of the universities mentioned 

the one of Uchicago is a one year program and gave 1/3 fee waiver. 

NYU with no funding at all, 1.5 years 

UCSD basically the same, 2 years

Tulane, 2 years, full fellowship for the first year and possibly continues to the second year 

really not sure about which to go, they all seem to be good schools. I was not a native English speaker and am afraid that studying in Uchi may be too stressful. NYU is also good and seems to have better reputation than tulane, but too expensive. never been to NOLA, could be a fun and brand new place for my experience 

so if anyone can give suggestions and help me make a  decision? 

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