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Anyone has any experience with the Erasmus Mundus Glodep program?


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Hey all!

This is my first post here! My girlfriend had an interview with the Glodep program two weeks ago for a scholarship, and she thought it didn´t go well, but a week after the interview she was notified that she was accepted into the program, no news about scholarships for now though.

After a bit of research it seems to me that they almost only accept scholarship students (they have "about" 20 scholarships to give this year, the last two years they had exactly 20 students), but it might just be because students who don´t get a scholarship simply don´t go. I did find this on the Palacky university site:

"Interest in the study programme was enormous. Seven hundred and fifty-eight applicants from 105 countries applied, and the 20 best were accepted. Thanks to the financial support of the European Commission, received under the auspices of the Erasmus Mundi Joint Master Degree, 60 students in total will receive stipends during the four years of the programme. In addition to those receiving stipends, a limited number of other students can be accepted who will pay tuition themselves."

Does anyone have experience applying to this program or been accepted? Anyone waiting for results?


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"but it might just be because students who don´t get a scholarship simply don´t go." this is accurate, from my understanding, too. 

i didnt apply to GLODEP bc i was daunted by the high # of application they received, which in retrospect was an error. (i applied to GLOCAL, which ended up receiving much more applications this year than GLODEP)

good luck to your gf. you re a good partner, putting in the research for her. :)

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