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Do I need to retake the GRE?

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I'm applying for Statistics/Biostatistics MS programs. Recently, I sat for the GRE and received a 170V, but only a 166Q. There wasn't any material on the test that I didn't know per say, but I had poor pacing and ended up running out of time.

My undergrad GPA is low (3.2; Math GPA - 3.5) due to health issues I was dealing with at the time, although I've been taking some graduate level coursework (Real Analysis, Advanced Linear Algebra, Mathematical Statistics) as a non-degree seeking student, and my GPA in these courses is a 3.9. Also currently working in a data analyst position, so I have some familiarity with R, Python, SQL etc.

Would it be a good idea to retake the GRE, aiming for a quant score >= 168 to boost my chances? I'm only applying to MS programs ranked in the 35-70 range, but with the increasingly steep competition at these schools, I want to make sure I can guarantee an acceptance to at least one.

Thanks in advance!

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