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How should I structure my Introduction to BA thesis?

I am writing according to MLA standards. My topic is money in The Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald. My topic sentence is: Money rules social life as it was shown in TGG by F.S. Fitzgerald.

I know that I should write about:

- what is my topic sentence,

- the reason why I have chosen this topic,

- modernism (my supervisor and me agreed that it is important to describe modernism both, in literature and in general (art, philosophy, etc, - period),

- money in Fitzgerald's other works (social issues and money),

- some bibliography,


What else should an introduction include?


If it is important for you, in my 1st chapter I am writing aboutAmerican Dream, self-made man,  the most important events shaping the 1920s in America, Fitzgerald's biography according to social and financial issues (his relationship with Ginevra King, his relationship with Zelda, the fact that he was writing for money not for aesthetic purposes or making art). In the 2nd chapter I am presenting the Old Money - the Buchanans, Jordan Baker, Nick arraway. In the 3rd chapter I am writing about the New Money and also about the No Money. As New Money I classified Gatsby, as No Money - the Wilsons, especially Myrtle.

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