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Has anyone heard back from CSUS (Sac State) regarding their Fall 2019 MSW application?


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I am still waiting to hear back from Sac State for the Fall 2019 MSW program. The website said that we would hear back sometime in March, but it's April 2nd. And, I'm getting a little nervous. I only applied to two programs, the joint MPH/MSW program at Berkeley (which I wasn't accepted to) and Sac State's MSW program. And what makes it even more nerve wrecking is that they don't release any of there admissions data, so I have no idea how likely I will be admitted based on experience, GPA, or test scores. Has anyone else heard back from Sac State, or are we all in the same boat?

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Hey there! I'm also in the same spot! There is a Facebook group dedicated to csu msw applications and someone there told me they called and said we should be hearing by April 15th. She said if we don't to call. I have gotten some financial aid information from them. They asked me to agree to their sap contract. That is all I have heard. The foster dad I work with is a county worker in stanislaus County and he said Sac is extremely hard to get into! Good luck to you in crossing my fingers you and I get in!!! 


For reference my stats:

3.6 cumulative GPA 

4.0 major GPA

Two years as an after school teacher

8 months of being a support counselor for foster kids (at the time I applied) 

And a 4.5 gre writing score. 

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 I'm glad I'm not alone. I also have very similar stats.

Could you send me the name of the Facebook group?

I hope you get in :)



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