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  1. You're so welcome! Waiting is terrible!! I hate hate hate this waiting period. I don't know anything about the writing
  2. I have heard of people not getting accepted until very late. Like end of May. I would definitely not assume you didn't get in. I'm also waiting.
  3. I agree a 3 is low but I know very smart native speakers who got very low scores so you never know.
  4. Hey there! I'm also in the same spot! There is a Facebook group dedicated to csu msw applications and someone there told me they called and said we should be hearing by April 15th. She said if we don't to call. I have gotten some financial aid information from them. They asked me to agree to their sap contract. That is all I have heard. The foster dad I work with is a county worker in stanislaus County and he said Sac is extremely hard to get into! Good luck to you in crossing my fingers you and I get in!!! For reference my stats: 3.6 cumulative GPA 4.0 major GPA Two years as an after school teacher 8 months of being a support counselor for foster kids (at the time I applied) And a 4.5 gre writing score.
  5. I'm happy I found this post because it makes me feel so good I'm not the only one feeling this way!!! I hate not know what's coming and I find myself not wanting to do work or go to school I just want to sit and refresh my student center pages all day long to see if I got in! Waiting is horrible and no one in my life gets it! I'm so unmotivated for school! I have all A's after transferring and I worry I will hurt my GPA because I just don't care about it as much! I decided to make a list every night of what I need to get done the next day. I'm only allowed 7 things on my list because that is a doable number. It forces me to prioritize what I need to get done. I put things I've been struggling with in there too even I'd it's silly. Tomorrow I added get to work by 9 because lately I've been going later (my schedule is flexible so it's easy to take advantage)
  6. @doctormelody From when I talk to people the one I know for sure is University of Phoenix. Those type of schools that cost like 100k don't have the best reputation. But of course the SJSU online program would be perfectly okay. Employers wouldn't even know you got your degree online. I know some social workers who got their degree online and when I talk about my application process they don't relate at all. It seemed all they had to do was apply and they got in. I am suspicious of these programs. We work at a non profit and they aren't too picky about where you get your degree. They are amazing social workers, so don't get me wrong, but if you want to work for the county or if you want those higher paying positions the school matters. This profession already isn't known for having the best pay. I know it's not all about the money but why limit your options?
  7. Hi guys! I applied to the SFSU MSW program and was rejected I am still waiting for Sacramento state and San Jose (both full time two year program). I'm dying waiting it's actual torture. I got some financial aid info from Sac state which has me hopeful but I don't want to get excited until I know I'm admitted.. You guys hear anything about sac state? My number one pick was sjsu for a while but I've recently changed my mind to Sacramento and I cant really find anyone else who applied there!
  8. There are many online social work programs. I would definitely suggest you take the time to research them. There are also hybrid programs that are pretty amazing. I will warn you that there are online programs out there thst jobs will not hire you if you went there. Be selective. I've heard of a lot of places that say if they see certain online schools they don't even look at the application. They can be very expensive so pay attention to that as well. Most social work programs seem to favor work and volunteer experience. But I agree with what has already been stated above. You never know until you try! You can apply and in the meantime look for work in that field. Also remember that often grad schools will really look at your last 60 units and not just your cumulative GPA.
  9. You are investing in your future. I say go for it. But that's just my opinion. PhD programs are not easy to get into! You should be very proud and don't allow money to cloud your judgment.
  10. Great essay! I would suggest the following: Be more concise. Get more to the point. Try not to waist time on fluff. The idea is for your thoughts and arguments to come through strong. Focus on organizing. When I took the gre I wrote on a paper my three points I wanted to address the I introduced each one in the intro very clearly and concisely. I then explained each point in a very thought out fashion in each paragraph. I then repeated my points in the conclusion. My essay was pretty long and I did not focus on using large words or fluff I focused on organizing and the argument itself. For reference I did not practice at all before the gre I took it without looking at any information on how it should be done and I got a 4.5 I know that's not the best score you can get but I'm pretty proud of it for not practicing. If you practice I'm sure you will do amazing. Good luck to you!
  11. @Evelyn.D Ya right!?? Why would they do that? another friend of mine also got the email but I also saw someone else who applied didn't.. I'm really hoping because that SAP agreement makes it seem we will be receiving our financial aid rewards soon! Hope I see you there! I also heard someone called and they told them we will be finding out by April 15th if we got in. And if we don't hear by then to call them! Here's hoping 🤞🤞🤞
  12. I think I'm just looking for any sign that I got in. They also had me agree to a SAP contract in my to do list. I was wondering why they would start my financial aid process if they didn't accept me. But for my own mental state I'm telling myself it means nothing so I'm not heart broken if I get a rejection!
  13. I applied to Sacramento state for their msw program. I received and email that stated the following : Thank you for your interest in Sac State for the 2019-2020 academic year! We have received your financial aid application but need you to add your Social Security Number (SSN) to your My Sac State account before we can start processing your file. How to enter your SSN: Log on to your MySacState and access your Student Center page; Select the “Add SSN” link under Personal Information section; Enter your Social Security Number and Save After entering your Social Security Number, monitor your To Do List and submit all requested documents by the priority document deadline May 1, 2019. You will receive a financial aid award notification after all documents are submitted and processed by our office. The notification will be sent to your My Sac State account with details regarding your award eligibility for the academic year Further details about the financial aid process can be found on our website at www.csus.edu/finaid Do you guys think this is a good sign I've been accepted?? I did not get into sf states program (which I hear is extremely difficult to get into) and I did not get an email like this. I don't want to get ahead of myself. I'm going to assume it means nothing until I know for sure but just wanting some input...
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