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  1. Evelyn.D

    SJSU MSW Fall 2019

    @Britbree and @Pleasantnerd! I'm so sorry to hear about your rejections. Did you apply to other schools? Would you mind stating if you applied for the online program or the on-campus programs?
  2. Evelyn.D

    Financial aid letter a sign I was accepted?

    @Kaytea11 I received the same email. I feel the same way, like why would they bother with fin aid if they aren't going to accept me...but.... who knows. Fingers crossed!
  3. Evelyn.D

    Love, Academia and Success

    @Adelaide9216 I'm a choice mom and had my daughter at 38 while finishing up my undergrad. Unlike many other choice moms, I don't have a ton of money but somehow I keep making it work. I've made some huge sacrifices but cannot begin to express how much my daughter has brought to my life. She's 4.5 now and starting kinder as I begin grad school this fall. Hit me up if you want to chat about it.
  4. Evelyn.D


    @MSWDUDE19 Congratulations!!!! You must be so relieved now.
  5. Evelyn.D

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    @MSWDUDE19 I interviewed with CSUN for the online program on 2/7 and received an acceptance on 2/20. Perhaps send them an inquiry email?
  6. Evelyn.D

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    @ashleyerden Congrats on your acceptance to CSUN! We were in the interview together. I was also accepted to CSUN and am still waiting to hear from SJSU. Did CSUN give you a deadline to accept? I really hope we get the chance to work together!

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