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  1. I got the same email yesterday. I’m still really interested in the IH curriculum, however. That $$ would have been nice!
  2. I'm pretty much decided that I will go to UMich because I think it's the best fit for me, but I'd like a financial picture before totally committing. It is expensive, especially for a degree that pays the same regardless of the school you go to. On the other hand, I don't want to pay less and be less likely to pass the exam or be hired.
  3. I only applied to integrated health and haven't heard back yet, either. They need to come through to make it financially appealing haha! My award status still says $0 so I'm hoping that isn't final. I have financial means to pay, but I will have to pay taxes on stock sales so I was hoping to receive at least something to offset the cost. congratulations on HRSA! Are you doing medical social work? I am
  4. If you have any idea why they requested an interview (I think usually to address a weakness in your application), then be prepared to discuss that. My interview was very informal and friendly; I requested it after I was placed on the wait list. Good luck!
  5. I already had it from last year when I was waitlisted. Last year I applied just before December 1, and I received the email to set up a friend account about a month later, then the decision came about a month after that. I don't know if the timeline is different after the priority deadline, though. This year I received my decision on December 21.
  6. They don't normally schedule interviews. I think it is to resolve any uncertainty they have. Maybe there is something in your resume or application that needs further explanation before they can make a decision. I had an interview last year after I was placed on the waitlist. Good luck!
  7. All of this is the same for me. Did you get that email last week reminding applicants about the special program deadline? I'm assuming once that passes and those decisions are made, we will hear more about financial aid packages. I need to know in order to make a decision!
  8. I'm doing a career change to social work (MSW) at 41 because I hated my first career and couldn't do it any longer. I'm looking at a 40% salary cut, but I've never been happier. Many of the students in the program are not right out of undergrad. I don't think that is a problem. I really do think you should resolve your mental health challenges before entering an MSW program, however. In field work, you will be taking on other people's trauma, and it sucks. I've been working with child maltreatment and sexual assault survivors for years, and it still challenges me despite the exposure. You should let your program contact person know that your mental health is fragile so. maybe they can assign you to field work that is less likely to trigger issues for you. It would be terrible to take out student loans and be unable to complete the program due to compassion fatigue. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  9. For those who have been waitlisted, my advice is to move on with another school while you wait. I was on the list last year and was ultimately dismissed the first week of classes due to lack of space. The cohort this year was large, so I wonder if their yield is increasing. I applied again this year after I met with them when I was dismissed. I am coming as a career change, older student. I was shocked to be waitlisted because my academic and human service record are strong, and at my interview (which I requested after the alternate list decision) they emphasized that people are accepted off the waitlist, but it just didn't happen for me. I'm sure it's different from year to year, but I would definitely pursue other options during the wait.
  10. I asked the same question about my tutoring and mentoring experience with Communities in Schools, during an interview with an admissions counselor. She replied that it is relevant and to include it in my resume. You are helping students overcome barriers to learning, which is a social work skill. I would definitely include it
  11. I don’t know the whole backstory, so my apologies if you’ve explained this. Have you been in contact with anybody who works with her? Someone like an assistant, grad student, or fellow faculty members. I wonder if she’s in sabbatical or not available because of illness. I hope not, but maybe finding out will make help ease your concern that she hasn’t done it yet because she’s unwilling.
  12. I’m in school part-time now; six credits a semester in Michigan. There is not a forced curve here. My grades have mostly been determined by research papers or a combination paper/presentation project. Some classes gave quizzes each week. Most of my classes have had 3-4 papers throughout the semester (or a presentation in place of a paper), with one of those papers being more in-depth than the others. This has usually been the “final”. The average paper is probably 8-12 pages, the longest ended up 21 pages (this war last week, and was a final paper). The papers are actually interesting to research and write, if you have a passion for the field. I’ve had a few projects with an interview component, and they lead to networking opportunities. I can’t guess how much time I spend outside of class; it varies. There is a lot of reading, and that is most of the time I spend. Social work is a career change for me. My previous field (biomedical science) was by far more difficult but somehow less time consuming, if that makes sense.
  13. I think as long as you address the required points for each school's application, you should be fine. My personal statements all ring similar...because they're about me and why I want to go to social work school ?. I'm surprised the school has guaranteed admission--that certainly makes it easier for ad coms!
  14. Same! I check Wolverine access so many times in one day ha-ha. I hope we hear soon.
  15. I applied (only) to the University of Michigan. I assumed my application would be dated December 5 because I had a late LOR, but on Wolverine Access, my application date is December 1. I received an email on Monday (1/8/18) indicating that the initial processing was complete, and giving me a Michigan ID number to create a friend account. So, they are making progress on the early applications.
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