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Pursuing a degree in Engineering with an unrelated undergrad degree: get a second Bachelor's or go for the Master's?


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Basically got a degree thinking I wanted to do law. Now I know I want to do industrial engineering. My last degree wasn't math or science intensive, but someone said I can work those other classes in with my masters. I am also seeing others say that it will be too difficult to enter a master's program without having gone through undergraduate engineering (or any STEM field). Going with the Masters will probably cost me a lot less money in the long run, but I am going to apply to Georgia Tech which is the number #1 school in the country for industrial engineering in the country. They may not take me seriously when applying with the undergraduate degree I have now. What is the best course of action?

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What do you want to do? Work in industrial engineering? What I'd suggest you do is check out the prerequisites for master's degrees in industrial engineering at several different colleges/universities. What do they require? If all of them require that you have a bachelor's in engineering, you have your answer: you'll need a second bachelor's. If they don't require that you have a bachelor's in engineering BUT they require so much engineering coursework as prereqs that you essentially need a second bachelor's, then you should also probably just go for the BS.

But if there are some good programs that will admit you after taking some math, science, and engineering classes, it may make sense for you to take those as a non-degree student and then try an MS program.

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