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American SLP Masters Programs for a Canadian Student

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Hi all, I'm new here, and wondering if anyone could offer some help regarding American SLP programs!

A little bit about my situation: I just finished my 3rd year of Biology at Waterloo (Ontario) and was always considering teaching (biology and French) as a career. However, I'm now thinking I'd like to move to the states after completing all my studies, and am considering switching gears to speech language pathology. I don't know a whole lot about the American school system in general so thought I'd ask for advice! By the end of next year I will have completed all the ASHA required courses (stats, psych, chem, anatomy, physics), but my school does not offer specialized courses in communications. So, I'm looking for schools that would offer levelling/bridging programs with direct entry into a master's program. Also, finding a school without sky high international tuition fees would be awesome!

I have a lot of volunteering/work experience with children of all ages, seniors in retirement homes, tour guiding, and ESL tutoring, but am hoping to get into volunteering at some private SLP clinics ASAP. Any other advice you might have would be super appreciated :) Thank you so much in advance!

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While I'm not sure about affordable international tuition, here's a few topics discussing US masters programs that include the leveling component:


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