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NYU Data Science or UT Austin's Business Analytics

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Hello all! I have recieved admits from the following universities:
  1. University of Texas at Austin - Business Analytics - No scholarship
  2. New York University (GSAS) - Data Science - No scholarship
  3. University of California at LA - Business Analytics - No scholarship
  4. Arizona State - SE
Awaiting -
  1. Rutgers NB (Data Science)
Rejects -
  1. WashU - Data Science
  2. USC - Data Science
  3. CMU - MIS BIDA (16 Months), Data Science
I am confused between UT Austin's Business Analytics and NYU's Data Science. My main ask is for a course that would give me higher chances of employability down the lane, without a bomb of loan in the pocket.
My profile:
International student | GRE - 321/4.5 | Toefl - 113 | Work experience - 30 months (Java developer, Deloitte) | Undergrad - 77%, ECE, national papers
Any inputs and leads are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
P.S: UT Austin's and UCLA's course does not permit TA/GA and on campus jobs. Everything needs to go from our loan. Cost wise: UCLA > UT Austin
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