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Rush University, Reaching out to those who went to Open House

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once again here I am, now torn between another school!

So recently I was torn between MGH and UW MedSLP as seen in previous post. However, I am here this weekend in Seattle and LOVE the program. I immediately knew I was going to withdrew from MGH, since it was half the cost and offered a little bit more theoretical aspects. I loved the other accepted students I met! 

BUT JUST MY LUCK! As I landed in Seattle, I checked my email and was accepted off the waitlist at Rush University in Chicago which was originally my number one school! I plan on meeting with some faculty and doing a tour next week before deadline, but was curious if anyone who had gone to their accepted students day/open house could tell me what they thought about the presentation, facility, and other accepted/current students? it would be super helpful!


p.s. I am obsessed with dysphagia and really hope to find a program with FEES/LSVT/MBSS experience 

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I don't know much about Rush, but I'm a current MGH-IHP student from Seattle, went to UW for undergrad and I just wanted to tell you that you would absolutely love Seattle - I miss living there every single day! The nice thing is that UW is the only SLP program in Seattle, so I'd imagine you wouldn't have a lot of limitations on possible placements. However I don't think they have any dysphagia research labs, if research is your cup of tea. I will say that I'm working on a swallowing-related thesis and I've been looking at some other theses that have come out of Rush related to swallowing and they're very good. So, based on my very limited knowledge, if you want to do research/thesis on dysphagia, you might want to look into Rush, but otherwise I think UW is an awesome choice ❤️

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Curious if you decided on a program. I just got off the waitlist at UW and it was definitely my dream school but it's a confusing decision because I already accepted a position at a different school that is a lot less expensive. I never got to attend the open house in Seattle and didn't expect my odds of getting of the waitlist were very high. What did you like about it there? How was the faculty?

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