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I am having the hardest time choosing between CSULA and CSUN. Would love more info about the strengths and weaknesses of each. If anyone is currently a grad in one of these programs I would love your opinion. I am particularly in the dark about CSUN, so even if you just did your undergrad there I’d appreciate your thoughts. About CSUN, I know the little that is on the website, that it takes 2.5 years, and it can be hard to get classes. Thanks!

Edit: Also, if someone has accepted or declined CSUN for Fall 2019, what was your rationale?

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I am currently an undergraduate at CSUN!

Advisement picks your courses which is frustrating!

You don't really have a say! And you don't know when you'll get your classes!

Some students have gotten a morning class + a night class on the SAME DAY and the department's just like, "So?"

I've had some courses where I had a 4 - 6hr gap and I couldn't even go home like a normal student. 

But this is my experience as an undergraduate it might be different for the graduate program.

Good luck to you!




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