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Applying before finishing pre-reqs- thoughts?

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Hi everyone,

I've taken a couple CSD classes and have a high GPA in a related major (Ling) but am planning on taking more CSD courses in the fall. Since I'll still have several more classes (including two ASHA required ones) to complete before entering a grad program, will this significantly impacts schools' decisions (even if I show my intent to complete them), and if so, is it even worth applying this fall? I'll have total about 5 classes left to take during the year after I submit my apps. Thank you!!

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Good question. You said you have a couple CSD courses - two, or a few more than that? Also is your CSD GPA also high? 

I think this will come down to a school by school basis. I would definitely recommend checking each school's website or emailing them to find out which/how many prerequisites they require. Some schools require you have so many CSD units, while others want you to have certain classes.

Assuming you meet all the requirements for a program or they're on the more flexible side, the higher your CSD GPA the better. So, if you only had 2 or 3 classes, but your CSD GPA was under a 3.7 or so, you may want to hold off in order to bolster your GPA. That being said, you could always just go for it. The cons of that would be the cost of applications, time, and if you re-applied the next year, the school would be aware of that.

Region and the competitiveness of the schools you're applying to are other factors to consider. For example, if you're applying in California, which is really competitive, you may want to consider holding off. 

I hope that helps :) 

Edit: For me personally I had done 7 CSD pre-reqs and the 4 ASHA pre-reqs at the time of my application. For my applications through CSDCAS, I was able to do an academic update for my Fall classes adding 4 more CSD classes for consideration. I'm finishing up 5 more now and will be starting this Fall.

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