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Th.M. at Candler School of Theology or Boston College School of Theology & Ministry?


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I was wondering if anyone could help me think through which school I should choose for Th.M. program? 

I was accepted into Candler School of Theology last month with a 25% merit scholarship, and today I was accepted into Boston College STM with a 75% merit scholarship. While I believe Boston has a much higher standard of living than Atlanta, I also wanted to being able to process through the pros and cons of attending either school. The ultimate goal is to be accepted into a Ph.D. program and become a professor. I am interested in studying practical theology. 

Would anyone be able to help me with this decision? 

I have reached out to Candler today asking for an increase of aid. I was waiting on a few more pieces of information which is why I am so delayed in reaching out to them. 



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What's your plan for covering the rest? The question being, if you have means to reduce what you need to pay for or take out loans for, that helps.

The standard of living in Atlanta, especially around Candler, is much higher than most people think. It's a huge city with a lot of ethnic neighborhoods, museums, schools, etc. That said, if you want to experience life even 10-15 minutes outside of Atlanta, you will need a car. Boston/Brighton has a lot of culture and history but you will pay for it, though your 75% really reduces that.

BC's offer is ultimately better. Candler use to have a PhD in practical theology and care but they shuttered it several years ago. I also just think BC>Candler on matters of theology but that's just an opinion and perhaps a poor one. I think BC will ultimately open more doors for you.

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