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So, after this most recent application season ending with 2 interviews and no offers of the 13 schools I applied to, I'm trying to psych myself up for another round of apps. I'm wondering if my research interests are too specific for some of the people I applied to this round, or maybe just weren't the best match and that's why I didn't get as many interviews as I would have hoped. I'm hoping this lovely community of humans can help me either find some schools with mentors that would be a good match for my interests OR a way to market my interests in a broader way that might appeal to more mentors. I'm assuming this is something at least some others have struggled with and thought this would be a good place to start our search early :) 

In a nutshell, I'm interested in how relationships with parents in adolescents are related to the development of maladaptive coping mechanisms/emotion regulation. I'm particularly interested in self-injury and eating disorders, and I'm also interested in how trauma and resilience plays a role in these relationships.

Any places/people in mind that fit? Thanks so much Café-ers!!

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I showed your post to my friend who is a student at University of Georgia and she said "Yes that’s exactly what my lab does lol".

My friend also said:

-"They can also read the book ordinary magic and they'll find a bunch of mentors on that."

-"There’s plenty of people who study that at Minnesota"


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Clarifying my friend is a student
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