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Where will you be attending graduate school?

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I'll be going to Bridgewater State University! The cost and the proximity to home were the main factors for me, not to mention that a smaller program size seems like it could be more comfortable. My second choice was North Carolina Central University, but the cost was significantly more than Bridgewater, and much much further from home.

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I will be attending the University of South Carolina! I chose it because of the new clinical facilities they are building and the tuition was much more reasonable since it is in-state. My second choice was NYU, but it was very expensive and quite far from home. 

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I chose Texas Christian University!

-large DFW metroplex

-beautiful campus, a relatively safe part of town

-the small class size (20) is appealing for what I want out of clinical supervision, faculty mentorship, and placement opportunities

-they’ve got a language learning classroom onsite for children with Down syndrome

-they’ve got some cool service learning trips abroad

-offered an 80% tuition waiver for an 8 hour assistantship, which made this school my most affordable option excluding living costs

-this school really looked at my application as a whole and personally called to accept me and go on to explain what they like about me. Loved that!

Out of my options I most strongly considered this school vs my undergrad, which is also an amazing program but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to another great school that is also intriguing, affordable, and highly reputable from what I’ve heard in the profession.


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It sounds like we all chose for financial reasons! I chose Texas A & M Kingsville because it would be the cheapest acceptance. I also really like that the final two semesters can be completed online with externships. My second choice was University of St. Augustine but I have yet to hear back from them. They said they will let me know in another week. If I get in, I dont know which I will choose.

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