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  1. What was the process like of getting your state license in California after completing school in Texas? Did you have to take the CBEST and get a teacher's credential?
  2. In regards to your site supervisor they only ask for contact information and where they are located, no ASHA number.
  3. Just wanted to let you guys know that, although it is not reflected on their website, tuition at this time is now about 64k. Hopefully they update it soon to show this change because tuition prices are such an important factor in student decisions. @CaidanFireI did want to ask, what are some cons you have seen about the program? I feel like I have only heard positive things. I know it's a new program and it's still evolving. Also have you completed an externship yet? How has it been? I have heard that they require a pediatric one, school one and hospital one. Do you get to decide the order on that?
  4. I didn't know about this. After looking into it, yes it is a little higher (7%ish). Thanks for letting me know! Thank you! Hope you hear from them soon. The tuition is 55k as another poster stated. I don't believe USAHS has an on campus program, just this hybrid one.
  5. Thank you! I got accepted into the Austin campus. I did have a question regarding tuition. Do you know if this school ever gives scholarships or assistance? I was told by them that FASFA can only cover a portion of it. I was fortunate enough to get my BA without taking out any loans due to an academic scholarship andI expected to be in some debt after grad school, but I don't really want to take out private loans. I actually got accepted elsewhere with a financial package. The cost of this school is the only thing holding me back from taking the spot. Everything else I have heard and experienced regarding this program has been stellar.
  6. It wasn't too bad and they really make you feel comfortable. I did the online interview so I am not sure if it's different, but it started with an orientation and then we were separated to groups. I was in a group with a few other students. The questions were about ourselves, how we were as students, professionalism and clinical questions. There were a couple situational questions as well. We had a time limit of 45 minutes I believe so we didn't get through all the questions. I just recieved an acceptance email today!
  7. I ended up having my interview earlier than anticipated (this month) because I chose to do it online. During the interview they definitely made it seem like there were still spots open for the Austin campus and they have not yet started to fill the Dallas campus if that helps any.
  8. My application wasn't passed on to the admission committee until April 2nd. I actually still have a part of my application to turn in. My interview isn't until June so they are probably still inviting people this week. Hope you guys hear from them soon!
  9. I also was given the option for Dallas campus but am not from Texas. I was told in the phone call in March that they very recently were granted approval to open Dallas so I believe if pp was given an interview in October that may be why they weren't given a Dallas consideration. Did anyone else get an invitation to interview this week? Debating if I should go in person..
  10. I was able to find a supervisor placement just by emailing private practices in the area or checking on their website there are some that say they accept interns! The private practice that allowed me to intern there already had a contract in place with LLU and I don't even live in socal.
  11. I did not know that! I applied last semester and didn't get in. Of course there is only 35 spots and it's one of the few that offer the course in California for cmsd bachelor students. It makes sense that they do it in the order it's recieved because they didn't ask for resumes or transcripts. I applied very early this time around for summer, but because I got into masters programs I don't think I will be attending either way.
  12. They told me it will be up to five weeks before they get back to me. It has only been about two weeks for me. I have not had an interview yet. Have you?
  13. It was actually through phone call, however I did recieve information through voicemail. I did not want to argue for my spot at a place that no longer wanted me though. It also turned me off from the school. Although my applications were limited this year due to counting on this deferment I still got in to 2/3 schools I applied to so it turned out okay.
  14. It sounds like we all chose for financial reasons! I chose Texas A & M Kingsville because it would be the cheapest acceptance. I also really like that the final two semesters can be completed online with externships. My second choice was University of St. Augustine but I have yet to hear back from them. They said they will let me know in another week. If I get in, I dont know which I will choose.
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