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Online Statistics courses for Grad school application

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a good online course in statistics to meet the pre-requisite requirements of Grad school.  I want to apply to master program in Data Science/Statistics.  Currently, I found the following courses, and would love to hear your opinions regarding these courses:

1. STAT 200 ONL: STATISTICAL ANALYSIS (Taught by UIUC, here is the link: https://online.illinois.edu/online-courses/course-section?termcode=120195&crn=34303&ref=ocs).  I am not sure if this is the syllabus of the course or not: http://courses.atlas.illinois.edu/spring2019/STAT200/syllabus.html.

2. STAT 305: Engineering Statistics (Taught by Iowa State University, here is the link: https://courses.elo.iastate.edu/summer/2019/STAT/305/XW/overview.  Again, I am not so sure if this is the syllabus for the course: https://wlandau.github.io/stat305/materials.html

Thank you guys in advance!

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