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I will be going to Auburn University, AL Graduate School in the Fall (for Speech Pathology). Does anyone have any experiences with this school? I talked to some people in the Grad office today and they just didn't seem very nice/welcoming like I've experienced with other Grad offices in other universities, so now I am a little nervous/bummed out about attending this Fall and it's a little late to change my mind! Does anyone have any experience with this school/ the Graduate School and/or more specifically the Speech Pathology program? Any input would be helpful! 

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I'm an international student, so YMMV, but everyone I've talked to so far has been extremely polite and welcoming! Even when I had problems with bureaucracy (shipping documents, incorrect stuff, lost paperworks etc) they have been very kind and responsive (like answering my email in 30 min max and with useful information/solutions to my problems) which is a thing I was not used to in my previous uni.

My "new student advisor" put me in contact with current grad students and I had the chance to exchange some messages with them, and they also have been very friendly.

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